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Trouble Logging In To Access Lessons
Trouble Logging In To Access Lessons

What to do if you have trouble with a username or password

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When computers tell us things like "Invalid email or Password" or "Access Denied" it sure does slow down progress doesn't it!?

Here are some things to try if Full Plate's website rejects your log in attempts.

Check Caps Lock

Computers are so picky! Sometimes it's something as simple as the caps lock key being pressed when you type your password. :)

Check Your Username (email address)

At Full Plate your username is your also your email address. Whew, one less thing to remember! 

The catch is that some of us have more than one email address

You'd be surprised how many people put in their "work" email address instead of the "home" email address that they registered with. Or visa versa. 

Here's how you can know for sure what email address your account is registered under. Search your email for an email with this subject line: "Your New Full Plate Programs Account". It will tell you what email you registered with.

Reset Your Password

Sometimes we just forget things. Or is it just me?

If you need to reset your password here's the link: https:/

The system will email you a special link that you can use to create a new password. Note: the special link expires in a few hours.

Ready to Give it Another Try?

Here's where to log in to access member resources and lessons:

If none of these things helped reach out

We'll puzzle about it together till we figure it out.

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