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Videos aren't playing at work
Videos aren't playing at work

Somethings to try if your program videos aren't playing at work.

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Here's some things to try if videos aren't playing on your work computer.

Sometimes work computers or networks have restrictions on them. But there's a few things to try. 

Try the Lessons in Chrome 

Many people have told us that the videos work in the Chrome browser. 

If the Chrome browser is not installed on your computer, you can download Chrome by clicking here.

Try Another Device

If you have access to another computer, tablet, or smart phone try watching the lessons on it. 

Try Another Network

Sometimes workplaces have different Internet networks with restrictions on them. Try choosing a different WiFi network. Or try it on your smart phone's network. 

Talk With Your IT Department

It might be possible for your IT Department to help. They might know about network or computer policies that could be making it difficult for the videos to play.

Your IT department might be able to "whitelist" * as well as media embedded on *

Try At Home

If none of the above works, it's time to try playing the videos at home.

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