Most employers or organizations that offer the program require at least 2 things. 

  1. Completing the video lessons
  2. Completing the Health Snapshot Surveys

Here's how to know if you've completed the video lessons

After you watch each video the system records your video progress and will mark the lesson with a green checkmark. 

You can see that green checkmark on the course syllabus on the main page. Here's what it looks like:

There's also a lesson progress bar that indicates your progress through the entire program. When it's at the end, you can know your lessons are complete. 

About the Surveys

The other basic requirement is to complete the Health Snapshot surveys at the beginning and end of the program. 

Here's when the surveys are emailed to you.

The first health snapshot survey is emailed to you on the Monday the program begins. 

The second health snapshot survey is emailed to you 2 weeks before the program deadline.

To check if you've completed the surveys click the green "Check your surveys" button on the main program page. 

What happens when you're done with the program?

Again, if you're taking an employer or organization sponsored program: 

After the program deadline, we compile a report of all the people that have completed the program. The sponsor organization can then apply the benefit they offered for taking the program.

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